For burger sale

4.2m box for chips, hamburgers
and French bread pizza sale

Box bodywork description:

  • Customized box bodywork, depending on a truck type
  • walls and roofing made from sandwich panels consisting of a glossy laminate external and inside layers, with a core layer made of XPS foam, a material highly resistant to water.
  • insulated floor integrated with bodywork - Marothaan-type flooring
  • walls and roof finished with anodised alu mouldings
  • lockable entry door, unlocable also from the inside
  • entrance step

Box equipment and features:

  • back part of the interior: stainless steel, closed fixture, with a stainless steel worktop
  • front part of the interior: all stainless steel, closed cabinets, with a stainless steel worktop
  • high wall separating the sanitation module from the worktop
  • sanitation module with a wardrobe (sinks, batteries, water containers, boiler, hand towel dispenser, soap dispenser)
  • electrical and lighting installation - LED technology
  • gas supply system
  • extractor hood and oil condenser with fan
  • extra exhaust fan
  • back/side wall thermal protective shield
  • water drainage system with container water level indicators
  • external connection to running water system, at the container system
  • refrigerators' ventilation system
  • shelf over the window, with LED illumination

Extra equipment and features:

  • air cushion with a compressor
  • folded external countertop, stainless
  • Plexiglas frontal closure - protects the interior from cold in winter
  • cash drawer
  • the PIONIER audio system
  • ceiling lighting - stainless steel plafond lamp
  • extra illumination of a hatch cover
  • additional LED illumination in the extractor hood
  • monitoring: video cameras + hard drive recorder