Butcher's trailer

Butcher's trailer

Trailer description:

  • the chassis made of steel sections and protected against corrosion with a galvanized zinc coating
  • chassis with 4 supports, a coupling device, a KNOT axle, an overrunning brake and a hand brake
  • walls and roofing made from sandwich panels consisting of a glossy laminate external and inside layers, with a core layer made of XPS foam, a material highly resistant to water.
  • waterproof  plywood floor covered with PVC carpet with increased abrasion resistance
  • walls and roof fitted with alu mouldings.
  • the trailer is equipped with complete set of road lights compliant with the Highway Code.
6000 mm
2100 mm
2050 mm

Trailer equipment and features:  

  • back-wall furniture: Ultra Light Series, white, open shelves with a worktop
  • front-wall furniture: Ultra Light Series, white, open shelves with a worktop
  • sanitation module with a wardrobe (sinks, batteries, water heater, hand towel dispenser, soap dispenser)
  • electricity and lighting installation – LED technology
  • a wall separating the sanitation module from the worktop
  • hatch -style double front cover, reinforced
  • refrigerators’ ventilation system
  • fixed refrigerated display counters, stainless steel, with a cooling system and separated by a worktop
  • cold room with additional insulation
  • door between a cold room and a trailer
  • cold room external door
  • cold room door equipped curtains
  • shelf over the window, with  LED illumination

Extra equipment and features:

  • external connection to running water system, with the container system + drainage
  • back worktop stainless cover
  • front worktop stainless cover
  • folded countertop, external, stainless
  • Plexiglas frontal closure – protects the interior from cold in winter
  • extra illumination in hatch-style covers
  • ceiling / plafond lighting
  • cash drawer